Hello! I’m a data enthusiast based in Boulder, CO.

I spend my work days as CTO at Lumo, where we are doing machine learning for air travel, by predicting flight delay for the travel industry.

I’m also a co-organizer of Women in Data Science & Machine Learning Boulder and formely co-organized the fantastic data meetup Analyze Boulder. Each May I’m the track lead for the data science track at Boulder Startup Week

Besides learning new things and trying to optimize everything around me, I like teaching and speaking (and am increasingly interested in technical leadership), and spending time outdoors with my fam.

I have a Ph.D in operations research from MIT’s Operations Research Center. While there I worked with Prof Hamsa Balakrishnan on air traffic flow management, with an emphasis on integrating weather forecasts with optimization. More info about my research is here.

Previously, I studied computer science and math at UC Berkeley, and developed software in the machine learning group at Amazon.com. More recently, I did a fun mix of simulation optimization, straight up optimization, and machine learning at OptTek Systems.

If you’re interested, my resume is here.